storytelling nights

Storytelling Nights
Good storytellers have the ability to move our senses with their voices.

Roberta Estrela D’Alva

Storytelling Nights are performances for adults and can be booked for parties, groups and special occasions. Also check the Events page for upcoming presentations.

Marianna Portela invites you to experience a journey through the ancestral culture of different parts of the world through stories told in a Female perspective and voice. The repertoire carefully prepared for each performance is the result of a myth-archaeological research for tales, legends and myths where women are portrayed in an interesting, intelligent and unexpected way.

“Wise Women Tales” (oral tradition stories) ,”Sacred Stories” (Goddesses Myths) and “Stories my Grandma Never Told Me” (in production).

After each presentation, participants are always invited to share their impressions and interpretations about the narratives.

Storytelling Nights

Wise Women Tales

“In a time when there was no time, in a place that could have been elsewhere… There was a Woman.” Come experience a journey through the ancestral culture of different parts of the world through the storytelling of women's tales.

Sacred Stories

An invitation to listen and be enchanted by Sacred Stories with Marianna Portela. Come experience a divine journey through myths of different Goddesses from different parts of the world.

Storytelling Nights
Storytelling Nights

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Whenever a fairy tale is told, the night comes. No matter the place, no matter the time, no matter the season, the fact that a story is being told causes a starry sky and a white moon to sneak into the eaves and hover over the listeners' heads. Sometimes, at the end of a story, the room fills with dawn; other times a fragment of a star is left behind, or a streak of light rips through the stormy sky. And no matter what has been left behind, it is with this gift that we must work: it is the gift that we must use to create soul.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés