readings of the goddess oracle

Goddesses Oracle
The Power of Myth: The Goddesses bring guidance on how to process essential issues in your life, with the cards serving as inspiration for your Journey as a Woman.

A reading of the Goddess Oracle with Marianna Portela is not a matter of divination: these cards open as an invitation to reflect on your own development, dilemmas, dreams and plans.

The powerful images that emerge from each reading will reveal the strength to be retrieved and activated within yourself. With the Goddesses you will encounter the empowerment you need to face your challenges.

What is it?

The Oracle Readings are individual consults for women seeking to activate and re-energize inner strengths. By the use of myths, stories, poetry and representation of the Goddesses, Marianna Portela proposes to each consultant a journey through the Divine Archetypes of the Feminine and the Inner Self.

What does the consult include?

There are two types of reading: Regular and Annual.

Goddesses Oracle
regular readings - one question for the goddesses
Goddesses Oracle

You bring a question, an issue, a feeling. We ask the Goddesses for guidance and listen to it on the cards. Together we will decipher where the myths, symbols and stories presented in the cards are interwoven with your own stories and necessities for this moment. In the end we can do a meditation that will deepen the process of the reading.

  • 40 minutes
  • 10 minutes of guided meditation (optional)
  • Investment £30 (UK) €35 (EU) R$150 (Brazil)
annual reading - the 13 godmothers

We will draw a goddess who will be the Godmother of your personal new year. She will care, bless, challenge and accompany her goddaughter: you. Twelve will follow her, as Godmothers for each month of the year, guiding time, relationships, the paths of life, rhythms, cycles. They all communicate with each other and bless the path for your year.

Thirteen goddesses, thirteen archetypes of the Divine Feminine. Warriors, mothers, from above as below, of Sky, Earth, Air, Water, Fire. Worlds of deities joining in one woman's Journey. An opportunity to discover and be guided in your personal year by the Thirteen Godmothers.

  • Guidance on how to apply the cards to your experiences;
  • Meditation for Internal Reconnection with the Divine;
  • Healing Stories about the Goddesses;
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • investment £50 (UK) €58 (EU) R$350 (Brazil)
Goddesses Oracle


In person in London or online.

I offer my services on a symbolic value to vulnerable black, indigenous or migrant women. Write me!

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* Please bear in mind that this is NOT a divinatory process. The Readings are a psychic, intuitive and therapeutic process that can bring opportunities to discover more about yourself and your inner workings through the symbols of the Goddess.