The Voice of the Predator

The Voice of the Predator

05 of October, 2020

Using my voice. Writing. Painting. Illustrating. Embroidering. Sewing. Showing my work. Publishing. Drawing. Photographing. Telling my story, stories of my creation. Creating… Taking it out of the drawer? No way, there are people who surely are more competent, talented, capable, with better and stronger qualifications, who have read more, have more experience, more anything else that I don't have. Better to not even try. Don't even start. Don't…

There is a voice that says all of these things, whether it is whispering or screaming, whether it is hiding in the shadows of the psyche or coming out of our own mouth. Consuming us inside, sucking the art of life.

The owner of that voice wants the nurturing of the soul for himself, to take shape, grow and finally kill our essence.

Using the archetypal images from the fairy tale ‘Blue Beard’ that now reach us, we seize the key - the right questions - and the light - ancestral wisdom - to reveal the spilled blood: ours and that of so many other women.

The work to be done from this revelation is to start at the beginning. It is doing what is possible, now. It is learning to ask for help. It is creating the decision within us, that we are enough, yes! Just the way we are, holding dear what we have that is unique and precious. Creating soul.

When the Predator comes to speak loudly, inside or outside us, we can scream even louder, calling our sisters - wisdom, intuition, the women who lift us up - and our brothers - our strength, our real and concrete actions.

You may not have blossomed yet. Now the time has come to not only survive, but to thrive.

Come, let’s go together.

The Healing Stories Circle - Recognising Inner Predators is an invitation to hear our own voice amid what suffocates us. More info here.

Illustration “Bluebeard story” by Monika Wnęk
Illustration “Bluebeard story” by Monika Wnęk